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  • All new service connections (commercial or residential) that require a backflow prevention assembly must install the backflow assembly and the certified backflow inspector must submit a passing test result within 24 hours of meter installation.

  • All installed backflow prevention assemblies must be tested annually by a certified backflow inspector.  It is the customer's responsibility to arrange for annual testing and submission of results by a certified backflow inspector.

  • Passing test results can be submitted electronically here.  Test reports must be submitted directly by the certified inspector.

  • A "failed" test result must be reported within 24 hours of testing.  Please email to report a failed test.​  Failed backflow assemblies must be repaired or replaced and re-tested until the test is passed. Global Water may require repairs or replacement be completed immediately in order to prevent cross-contamination of the water system.

  • ​Non-compliance with the requirements of the Arizona Administrative Code or the approved Backflow and Cross-Connection Tariff may result in disconnection of water service to prevent cross-contamination of the water system.​

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