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  • What is a rate case?
    Over the years a system has been developed to consider rate cases. The utility presents its case, and customers and regulators can challenge the utility’s requests. In Arizona, an independent agency represents customers’ interests, the Residential Utility Consumer Office ( RUCO has trained lawyers and accountants who represent customers in rate cases. Early in the process, a schedule of public hearings is created that allows the public to follow and participate in the process. The utility is required to support its request through testimony and exhibits that must meet rigorously applied standards of evidence. During the hearing process, the utility is subject to cross examination and evidence presented in the proceeding can be challenged on a number of grounds. The rate case process involves the following stakeholders: the utility; members of the public, including local government, public interest groups and other organizations and individuals; RUCO gets involved in certain cases, and the Arizona Corporation Commission Staff.
  • Why are the Global Water Utilities filing a rate case?
    The utilities Global Water has purchased in Pima County historically have not been adequately invested in to properly maintain the utility infrastructure. Global Water has is using our utility expertise and capital resources to restore these utilities. Global Water will continue to invest in updating these utility now and over time. Performing a rate case will allow Global Water to continue to provide safe, reliable drinking water.
  • Which Global Water Utilities are included in the rate case?
    The rate case will include the following utility companies, serving the following areas: Pima County Utilities Sahuarita and Green Valley, AZ Global Water- Las Quintas Serenas Water Company, Inc Three Points Global Water- Francesca Water Company, Inc. Global Water- Mirabell Water Company, Inc. Marana, AZ Global Water- Lyn Lee Water Company, Inc. Global Water- Tortolita Water Company, Inc Vail, AZ Global Water- Rincon Water Company, Inc
  • When will the rate changes take effect?
    We filed the Rate Case application on June 27, 2023. After the filing an extensive review will occur by the ACC, which is expected to take approximately 9 months. No rate changes or dates have been determined yet. As the process continues, Global water will make sure you are informed.
  • How long has it been since the Global Water Utilities filed a rate case?
    Global Water Utilities has never filed a rate case for any of the utilities in this Rate Case. The last time rate case were filed is listed below: Global Water- Francesca Water Company, Inc. - 2015 Global Water- Las Quintas Serenas Water Company, Inc- 2012 Global Water- Lyn Lee Water Company, Inc. - 1993 Global Water- Mirabell Water Company, Inc. - 2010 Global Water- Rincon Water Company, Inc - 1997 Global Water- Tortolita Water Company, Inc - 2004
  • What improvements have the Global Water Utilities made to Customer Service?
    Over the past two years, Global Water transition each of our Pima County utilities onto our standard suite of customer service applications. All customers now have access to a professionally staff call service center to assist with payments and service-related questions. Customers also have access to an industry leading customer portal. Customers can easily access their billing information, pay their bill, and receive conservation assistance at any time by access their account online. Customer are also eligible to receive assistance through our customer assistance program. This program provides payment assistance to customers experiencing low income, a work furlough, or a medical hardship, as well as assistance to disabled veterans and deployed service members.
  • What is the Arizona Corporation Commission's role in setting utility rates?
    The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) regulates investor‐owned water companies throughout the state. The ACC monitors service quality, sets rates and inspects utility facilities to ensure they are in proper working order. Utilities are entitled to recover the expenses associated with operating the utility, plus a reasonable return on infrastructure investments. This money is collected through the rates that customers pay. When a utility requests a rate adjustment from the ACC, several steps are taken. The ACC reviews the company’s financial condition and ensures the company is fulfilling its obligations to customers. The ACC Staff prepares a staff report which lays out staff’s position. A public hearing is held and presided over by an Administrative Law Judge. The judge considers the facts as presented in the testimony and prepares a Recommended Opinion and Order (ROO) which advises the Commission of Staff’s recommendations regarding the rate case. The Commission considers the ROO and may accept, modify or reject any or all of recommendations.
  • I’m installing a pool. Do you need to be notified and is there a discount for filling a pool?
    Global Water does not need to be notified – feel free to fill or refill your pool at any time. We do not, unfortunately, offer any discounts associated with the filling of a pool or other water feature.
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