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Customer Assistance Programs

We can all use a little help sometimes. If you or someone you know needs assistance paying your utility bill, we have programs that can help.

Payment Plans

You can contact Customer Service at 866-940-1102 to see if you qualify for a payment plan to help you pay your bill over a longer period of time.

Customer Assistance Program

Our Customer Assistance Program provides funds to qualifying customers to help them pay their Global Water utility bill.  To distribute these funds to customers, we work with the local community action agencies listed below.  The local agencies work with you directly to determine if you qualify for these programs.  Rest assured, Global Water does not collect your personal information regarding these programs. To find out if you qualify for the Customer Assistance Program, please contact: Community Action Human Resources Agency (CAHRA)  P: 520-466-1112 The Salvation Army  P: 520-705-6509  Additional resources for Pima County customers include: Chicanos Por La Causa, P: (520) 918-6780 The Primavera Foundation,  P: (520) 623-5111 Qualifying customers can receive up to $350 per year per utility service. A customer that qualifies for more than one program will receive only benefits from one program per year. Only residential customers of the Global Water Utilities may qualify for any of the programs. *Additional programs and other types of assistance are available through Wildfire (fka Arizona Community Action Association) and Arizona Self Help

Income Assistance Program

The program is designed as a short-term relief program. The program provides funds to residential customers in the Global Water Utilities’ service areas for their primary legal residence only. To qualify for this program, a customer named on the account must: Have no history of utility tampering (cutting locks, water theft, etc.) within the last two years from the date the applicant submits a request for assistance; and Have household income equal to or less than 300% of the Federal Poverty Level.

Deployed Service Member Program

The Deployed Service Member Program is designed as a temporary relief program for service members serving away from their primary residence for an extended period of time.  To qualify for this program, the customer named on the account must: Be on active duty for any of the armed forces, as defined by 10 U.S.C. § 101(a)(4), and including any member of the Reserves or National Guard called to active duty; Be deployed, on a deployment that is not a “permanent change of station”; and Have a primary residence in the Global Water's service area. Each service member’s eligibility must be verified based on written orders from the service member’s command. Each service member’s continued eligibility must be verified not less than annually.

Disabled Veteran Program

To qualify for this program, a person names on the residential account must: Have been on active duty for any of the armed forces, as defined by 10 U.S.C. § 101(a)(4), and including any member of the Reserves or National Guard called to active duty; Have been honorably discharged from the armed forces; and Have a permanent disability rating related to their military duty service, as demonstrated by a medical discharge or other written documentation from the United States Department of Defense or Department of Veteran Affairs.

Furloughed Worker Program

This program is designed as a temporary relief program for a customer named on a residential account who has been impacted by temporary lay-offs or furloughs. To qualify for the program, a person must: Have been employed in good standing with an employer; Provide written evidence that the person has been temporarily laid off, subject to recall, or furloughed by an employer (such as a government employee impacted by a “government shutdown”).

Medical Hardship Program

This program is designed as a temporary relief program for residential customers, customers’ spouses or customers’ qualifying dependents who are facing unexpected medical costs. To qualify for this program, a person must meet at least one of the following requirements: Be qualified for Social Security Disability Benefits, as evidence by notice from the Social Security Administration; Be qualified for other short-term or long-term disability insurance benefits, as evidenced by a letter from the insurer; Have experienced a hospitalization of more than five days within the last year; or Provide documentation that the customer, the customer’s spouse, or a person claimed as a dependent on the customer’s federal tax return, is currently on leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993, as amended 29 U.S.C. §§ 2601 et seq., or has been on such leave within the past year.

Arizona Department of Housing for the Housing Assistance Fund

Arizona Department of Economic Security for the Emergency Rental Assistance Program

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