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Things You Need To Know:

Prior to meter installation:

  • Each customer is responsible for facilities on the customer’s side of the point of delivery in a safe and efficient manner. 

  • Each customer is responsible for safeguarding all utility property installed in or on the customer’s premises. 

  • Each customer shall exercise reasonable care to prevent loss or damage to utility property, excluding ordinary wear and tear. 

  • Each customer shall be responsible for payment for any equipment damage resulting from unauthorized breaking of seals, interfering, tampering, or bypassing the utility meter.

  • Construction & Engineering must approve the release of the meter.

  • If applicable, Developer must complete submission of sewer lateral video to the Construction & Engineering team.

  • If applicable, Developer must complete bill of sale process.

  • If backflow is required,  backflow testing is mandatory, and the builder is responsible for having this completed prior to use. Test results must be emailed to For more information Click Here

  • Payment for meter installation and associated fees must be paid in full.

  • Developer must ensure that GWR approved meter box is installed at the location of the meter and is unobstructed and free of debris.

  • Developer must ensure that the lot is clearly marked with a sign with the service address and APN.

  • For more information, please contact

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