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Backflow Information

Backflow protection from commercial/industrial customers is required prior to meter installation, as per the utility's Cross-Connection or Backflow Tariff. Backflow protection may also be required for residential applicants. A copy of the tariff is available Here.

The utility provides the backflow assembly only for temporary construction and hydrant meters. All other backflow assemblies will be installed, owned, tested, and maintained by the customer.

When a meter is set, if backflow protection is required, it is the responsibility of the customer to coordinate the testing of the backflow device by a certified backflow tester. Upon test completion, an electronic copy of the certification test report shall be submitted to the Backflow Prevention Department of Global Water Here.

For additional information, please refer to Global Water's backflow/cross connection program links Here.

Does the property have (a/n):
Private operating well or other alternate water supply
Retention area (pond) supplied by potable water supply
Automatic irrigation system or other facility with potential for dispensing of chemical contamination
Thermal Solar energy system
Zoning for agricultural use or livestock (horses) related activity
All commercial business
Home business using possible hazardous material

If you answered “YES” to any of the above, you are required to INSTALL a Backflow prevention assembly. It must be tested at the time of installation and ANNUALLY thereafter. Reminder letters will be sent out each year prior to the anniversary date of the previous year’s test.

Type of device required:
• Livestock – Double Check Assembly
• All others – Reduced Pressure Assembly

Thank you for your assistance in the protection of your water supply.

The backflow prevention program is instituted and enforced to help supply all of our customers with potable water that meets the requirements of the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act.

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