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October 16, 2023

Dear Fellow Shareholders & Stakeholders,

Global Water Resources was founded 20 years ago with a bold mission to address the issue of water scarcity for emerging desert communities. 

We were challenged to create and execute a comprehensive solution that would deliver meaningful benefits to our customers and their growing communities. We determined the best way to accomplish this would be to acquire, own, and operate integrated water, wastewater, and recycled water utilities. We would then work closely with the stakeholders within these local communities to implement on a regional scale our innovative model for Total Water Management.

As demonstrated by the growing support for what we do and how we do it over the past 20 years, this mission has been validated and our solution replicated time and time again. This support has enabled Global Water Resources to bring safe, reliable, and sustainable water services to now 29 Arizona communities, both big and small. 

Our regional expansion has resulted in Global Water Resources surpassing 60,000 active connections, and securing hundreds of square miles of certificated service areas where we can deploy our Total Water Management to help communities achieve water security. Such water security has been the key to sustainability, economic development and a high quality of life for the communities we serve. 


Water scarcity challenges have only increased over the last two decades while Arizona continues to experience a population boom. So, our mission has truly only just begun, and it is as important as ever. Our company’s strong foundation, and the relationships that support and rely upon it, have become essential for all stakeholders involved.

None of this amazing 20-year journey would have been possible or would be able to continue without the hard work and dedication of our entire Global Water Resources family. We thank you for your commitment and believing in our mission and each other.

Our success would also have not been possible without the ongoing support and contributions of our many stakeholders, from our customers and shareholders to our municipal partners, developers, regulators, contractors, consultants, and many others. We value these important relationships and appreciate your trust in us. We look forward to working together over the next 20 years as we continue to pursue our shared success.


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Ron L. Fleming

Chairman, President & CEO

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