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Global Water Resources, Inc. is a water resource management company. We provide water, wastewater, and recycled water utility services.

Recycled water is what we produce when we treat and purify wastewater. We distribute recycled water throughout the communities we serve in a separate system of pipes. We use recycled water for a variety of outdoor uses.

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Active Connections

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Total Gallons of Water Recycled

Total Water Management

Tomorrow's water future depends on the actions we take today. We must preserve, protect, and restore our limited and increasingly valuable water resources. Focused on this mission,  we call our approach “Total Water Management.” Total Water Management protects supplies in areas where water is scarce, making supplies available for additional growth and long-term sustainability.  

Total Water Management is a comprehensive approach to smart water management that reduces demand on scarce non-renewable water sources and costly renewable water supplies, in a manner that ensures sustainability and best benefits communities both environmentally and economically. 

This approach employs a series of principles and practices that result in real reductions in community water use, while allowing for economic development and other quality of life goals.  

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