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Global Water Rate Case

Global Water has begun to file a rate case with the Arizona Corporation Commission. We will file the rate case application no later than May 31, 2023.  
We have recently expanded our Customer Assistance Program and we may be able to help with bill payment assistance.  Please visit our Customer Assistance page for more information

The Value of Global Water
Capital Improvements
About the Rate Case
Public Notice
Comments and Questions
Value of Global Water
The Value of Global Water

At Global Water, we care about our customers, the quality of the service we provide, and we strive to be good citizens of the communities we serve.

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Safe, Reliable Service

At Global Water, we take seriously our responsibility to provide safe, reliable drinking water, wastewater, and recycled water. Water samples across our water system are analyzed on a regular basis in material compliance with regulatory requirements. Water quality tests are conducted at subcontracted laboratory facilities in addition to providing continuous online instrumentation for monitoring parameters, such as turbidity and disinfectant residuals, and allowing for adjustments to chemical treatment based on changes in incoming water quality. For 2022, we achieved a compliance rate of 99.7% for meeting state and federal drinking water standards and 99.8% for compliance with wastewater requirements, for an overall compliance rating of 99.8%.

Safe Employees

Now, more than ever, communities are recognizing that water is an essential service and our employees are essential employees. In the last three years, our employees have had no preventable reportable safety accidents.  That's important because we want all employees to go home safely every day.  It also results in real savings to customers, with lower workers compensation insurance costs and less lost working hours.

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Focus on Customer Service

We are about the communities we serve.  In 2022, we have contributed $10,000 to non-profit charities.  Additionally, we regularly support community food banks and seek opportunities to give back to the communities we serve.  We continue to expand our reach, recently sponsoring temporary lights to sports field in the Town of Sahuarita to support local youth sports. As continue to grow we are constantly looking for new opportunities to give back to the community which has given us so much.

Flexible Payment Planning
Caring for Our Customers

In 2020, we significantly expanded our Customer Assistance Program, to provide additional benefits to customers who are experiencing hardship.  Qualifying customers with reduced income, furloughed workers, those with medical hardships, disabled vets, and deployed service members may be eligible for up to $350 annually in bill payment assistance for Water Connections

Continuously Improving

We continuously invest in maintaining our utility systems, building projects to accommodate economic development in high growth areas, and working to assure that our utilities remain in compliance. We never want to let our customers or our communities down, and that means we are constantly focused on improving.

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Conserving Precious Water Resources

Since we first began, Global Water has focused on conserving water resources.  By encouraging the use of recycled water for irrigation, we have saved over 10.7 BILLION gallons of groundwater, saving that groundwater for future use.  We are leaders in helping resolve water scarcity problems in all of our utilities. 

Capital Improvements

Global Water is committed to constant capital investments improving our infrastructure for years to come. To see the improvements made to your water system, click on the link below. 

Capital Improvement
About the Rate Case
Comments and Questions
Public Notice
Public Notice

At this time, the public notice has not been filed. Please check back in for updates. 

Comments and Questions

Have a comment or a question for us?  Please let us know by using the form below.

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