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Backflow Prevention Assembly Annual Compliance

Each backflow prevention assembly ("BPA") tester is required to complete the certified required course to become a Certified Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester. The Tester’s certificate must be current and submitted with the BPA test report. Global Water is not permitted to recognize test reports as being valid unless a copy of the BPA Tester's certificate is on file. To avoid delays in the verification of your compliance with Global Water's Backflow/Cross-Connection Control Program, please:


  • Use a Certified Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester

  • Make sure the Tester's certificate is current and submitted with the BPA Test Report

  • Click HERE for a list of Registered Backflow Testers.

Calibration of Test Equipment

The test equipment used for testing BPA's shall be calibrated and certified annually. Certified calibration reports shall be submitted to the Global Water Backflow/Cross-Connection Control Program at Failure to submit required certified calibration reports could result in 'non-compliance' of the program for the BPA customer. BPA testers will be held accountable to Global Water’s Tester Policy.


Submission of Backflow Prevention Assembly Testing Reports


The timely submission of accurate testing reports is an essential element in the smooth operation of Global Water's Backflow/Cross-Connection Control Program. In order to aid in this process, Global Water requires all BPA test reports be submitted electronically. Submit testing reports and the Tester's certification here.   


Backflow Test Report Form


In addition to submitting the test report for each individual BPA, the following information will be required in the submission form:

  1. Owner information

  2. Water Company

  3. Backflow Device Serial Number

  4. Potable Water Meter Serial Number

  5. Backflow Tester Company Name

  6. Backflow Tester Contact Number

  7. Tester's email address


When a test report is submitted electronically, a confirmation screen will appear with a unique identification number indicating the form has been submitted. The tester will also receive an email confirmation. This confirmation process is important and it is recommended that testers keep this information for future record in the event proof of submission is required.



Inaccurate or incomplete reports will not be accepted. Reports lacking information or with inaccurate information will be sent back to the tester for correction. Delays in the administration of the program could result in a notice to the customer for not complying with the Global Water Backflow and Cross-Connection Program which could result in a disruption of water service.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact us at

Thank you for your cooperation in adhering to the Global Water Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Policy.

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